Pricing Model for Article Credits

Simple Pricing Model for Opportunities

What is an opportunity?

Opportunity is a deal you can offer to your customers. Which they can utilise in order to implement their content marketing strategy. For example, if you have a blog and you are offering a guest post opportunity on it. Then you must publish that opportunity on iDistribute. We will advertise it in front of our massive customer base and you will receive queries around your web space.

Now the question is why iDistribute charge to publish an opportunity? 

Well, first of all, iDistribute don't charge bloggers or writers for every sale they make on our platform. Unlike other platforms, we won't take a percentage from your sale. 

Basically, you can create one opportunity and sell it as many times as possible. We will never charge you for that. It is always FREE. 

Once you are satisfied with the performance of your opportunity,  you might want to publish few more. To support and advertise your opportunity on our platform. We need to make sure everything is working perfectly. And you keep receiving the great support we charge a small fee.

We also make sure that you get all exposure you deserve.

Remember the first opportunity is free for everyone.

You just have to register an account with iDistribute and create an opportunity. Once you successfully publish an opportunity with us. Give it a try. Share it with your broader network on social media, friends and family. Once you make a sale make sure you fulfil your commitments made.

Obviously, they can give you feedback once you finish the work. So make sure you do your best. Once you are fully satisfied; you can subscribe to our plans where you can publish multiple opportunities.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.