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How To Take The Best Photos at a Concert

How To Take The Best Photos at a Concert

Concerts are undoubtedly one of the best forms of entertainment. Not only do you get to listen to your favourite music live, but they’re also an opportunity to take some great pictures of your favourite singer or band. Taking pictures at concerts is easy, but getting high-quality photos can be difficult. With all of the various factors that come with being at a concert – distance to the stage, lighting, and the audience, for example – there are certain steps everyone can take to achieve clear and shareable concert photos.  

  1. Don’t Use Flash: I repeat – whatever you do, don’t use flash. Aside from getting horrible pictures of the backs of heads in front of you, the performers don’t like it and the audience around you certainly won’t like it. Chances are the venue will have extremely low-lighting, so in this case, it’s better for you to use a camera with a wide aperture lens. If you want complete control over the exposure, put your camera in manual mode. This will allow you to have full control instead of letting the camera attempt to automatically adjust for you. With all of the light changes that often happen, if your camera is in charge, it can provide false exposures.


  1. Have the Proper Camera: Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR camera, make sure that you have the proper device. If you’re really into taking photos at concerts, but you have an older phone that doesn’t take high-quality pictures, consider bringing or investing in a nicer traditional camera like a DSLR. Or perhaps you could even borrow a friend’s phone or camera. For the casual concert-goer/picture-taker though, DSLRs tend to be on the larger side and no one wants to have to worry about lugging around a large camera at a concert. In this case, having a smaller DSLR or a phone with a high-quality camera comes in handy. Camera Company, Light has come highly recommended as it’s not only a DSLR-quality camera, but it’s also easily portable and perfectly fits in your pocket. If you’re in the market for a mobile phone with a high-quality camera, there are several top recommended mobile cameras for 2018.  


  1. Vary Your Shots: Variety is important for any photo-shoot; this is especially true with concerts. While it can be difficult to get a large variety of shots due to possible restrictions from the audience, if you analyze the concert venue, you might be able to find wiggle room. Find out how much room you have to take pictures in your seating area and see how restricted you are to your seat. If there is no strict requirement, you may be able to move around more and take pictures from different angles. It’s also key that you don’t just take one type of photo. Make sure to capture some full-body photos, and take advantage of the zoom feature to focus in on the different members of a band or specific instruments.


  1. Don’t Erase Anything in the Moment: It can be easy to make a rash decision and delete a picture soon after you take it, but it’s important to keep all of your photos to review them later. You never know – you may have taken a photo that just needs a little editing to be perfect. If you’re a fan of using a smartphone camera for your entire picture taking, here are the best photo editing apps.