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Opportunities don't happen. You create them.- Chris Grosser


Doesn’t matter if you are a super successful signed, independent or just a beginner in the music industry. It is always important for an artist to keep updated with what's going on in the industry. There are hundreds of musical blogs and communities around. But you need to be focused on a single platform which gives you insights about market trends, market culture, what is going viral and tools to use. 

Now you could do that by following different blogs and communities or just register with music doner and get connected with thousands of music lovers.


Imagine a platform where you can connect, collaborate, exchange ideas and share knowledge about your composition. A community platform that unites artists around the world and offers them the set of tools to promote their music. 

At MusicDoner we believe that music is magical. It has the power of changing the world for good. Our mission is to build a platform for musicians for better opportunities and collaboration. Which is directly proportional to rapid growth.

If you create any promotional campaigns with social networks or media agencies. Everyone will instantly ask you for money. Whereas at MusicDoner we want you to first connect with the community and then earn credits. These credits will help you to promote your music on MusicDoner as well as connected platforms. This way you will develop your skills constantly and improve the community together. Once you feel like you are a settled artist you can purchase credits and promote more regressively. 

We at MusicDoner advice everyone to give feedback to other artists and spread the word.